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Boss Bitch USA Women's Soccer Tee - Trendzz Worldwide
Boss Bitch USA Women's Soccer Tee - Trendzz Worldwide
Boss Bitch USA Women's Soccer Tee - Trendzz Worldwide
Boss Bitch USA Women's Soccer Tee - Trendzz Worldwide

Boss Bitch USA Women's Soccer Tee

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With your purchase of an Equal Pay USA custom t-shirt you are showing your support for women everywhere!  Join the growing movement that demands change in the world and equality for all.


NOTE:  Shirt is made of high quality, super soft 100% cotton


“EQUAL PAY!” was chanted loud and proud by fans far and wide in support of the US Women’s Soccer Team after their recent win of the FIFA Women’s World Cup title. These women played their heart’s out and are now speaking out demanding what we all as women deserve.  “We feel a responsibility not only to stand up for what we know we deserve as athletes,” Captain of the National Women’s Soccer League, Megan Rapinoe said, “but also for what we know is right — on behalf of our teammates, future teammates, fellow women athletes and women all around the world.”


On International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2019, the US Women’s National Team filed a lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation claiming Gender Discrimination.  Rightly so, with women receiving 18 cents on the dollar compared to men.  To speak real numbers, the reward pool for a Men’s Title win is $400 Million.  Where as, the women’s reward pool is only $30 million.  Breaking it down even more, women receive $250,000 per person for winning the title, compared to $1.1 million per person for the men.  How is this even fair?


As stated in the lawsuit, the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) asks both men and women to play the same game, on the same size field, adhering to the same rules and protocols. Yet, the suit declares, U.S. Soccer (a nonprofit) admits to paying its female players less than the male players, and has gone so far as to claim that “Market realities are such that the women DO NOT DESERVE to be paid equally to the men.”


A spokesperson for the U.S. Women's Players Association released a statement saying, "At this moment of tremendous pride for America, the sad equation remains all too clear, and AMERICANS WON'T STAND FOR IT ANYMORE. These athletes generate more revenue and garner higher TV ratings, but get paid less SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE WOMEN. It is time for the federation to correct this disparity once and for all."


The US Women’s Soccer team has broken multiple all-time records including, a 12 game winning streak, 26 goals scored in a single WWC in 2019, and 4 time World Cup title holders.  These women are superior athletes and have far surpassed the performance of the US Men’s Soccer team, and yet according to the US Soccer Federation only deserve a fraction of what the men deserve.


This way of thinking needs to stop!  We must unite, make our voices heard and demand Equal Pay, as well as Equal Rights.  Together WE CAN and WILL create Change!  As stated by Megan Rapinoe, “We want to change the world.  We want to change the way people look at us, the way people look at young girls, the way people look at young boys.  We want to change the game forever.”


The US Women's Soccer Team are true ambassadors and beacons of strength.  Not just for what they do on the field, not only for their world championships and gold medals, but for their willingness to fight for themselves and for others. To battle for the rights of all women and to push against the status quo. 


They are setting the right example with their words and actions.  Creating a big impact around the world.  Megan was quoted saying, “The message we have really is for everyone. It’s about equality, it’s about supporting each other, it’s about being the best person you can be, it’s about opening up opportunity for every single person.” “We fight for everyone.” 


Join the Equal Pay USA Movement and get your Custom Tee today!


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